October 15, 2013

Alcohol and liver disease

Consuming alcohol over the recommended amount of units may lead to liver disease. Excessive alcohol intake over a prolonged period of time leads to an even higher risk of liver diseases such as fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. This in turn can lead to liver failure and if not treated […]
October 8, 2013

Am I an alcoholic?

Do you think you might be an alcoholic? There may be many reasons why you do not want even to consider this question in relation to yourself. There is still a stigma attached to the word and you may feel that people will judge you and think less of you […]
October 3, 2013

The early signs of alcoholism

Even in hindsight, it is hard to identify exactly when my drinking started to become a problem. I know I had to hide it to some extent even early on in my 20s, 20 years before I finally got into recovery. My weekly shopping always included a few bottles of […]
October 1, 2013

What sort of person becomes an alcoholic?

What sort of person becomes an alcoholic? Here is an example of one type…. the successful driven woman. I never thought I would end up in a rehab clinic. Me, the successful one, that everyone believed had it all – successful career, lovely home, pleasant husband and 4 good looking […]
September 23, 2013

What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

THE HIGH FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLIC   “As the writer Pete Hamill said in his memoir, “A Drinking Life,” “If I was able to function, to get the work done, there was no reason to worry about drinking. It was part of living, one of the rewards.” (nytimes.com). A high functioning alcoholic is a person […]
September 16, 2013

What is Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that we find ourselves a sponsor. What is a sponsor? Such a difficult question to answer as it probably means something different to each one of us. Theoretically a sponsor is a person with whom we can share our fears and worries, who will guide us through […]
August 4, 2013

Drug Addiction: What Is Intervention and How Can It Help?

People who are addicted to drugs do not believe they have a problem, and if there is a problem, it’s your problem. That is a key idea to remember when trying to help a friend or loved one who is in the clutch of addiction. Just telling that person you […]
July 26, 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous and the principle of being of service

In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), ‘service’ alongside ‘unity’ and ‘recovery’ is a key principle of the program. It may appear that service has a blatant interpretation to it but it has the potential to cause some confusion when it is used as a manipulative way to attempt to control others. What […]
October 26, 2011

Physical effects of alcohol abuse

Wernicke – Korsakoff’s syndrome Being alcohol dependent may lead to poor eating habits. Alcohol dependent persons often report lack of appetite or inability to keep food down. In addition, prolonged alcohol use may lead to ulcers in the stomach, which in turn makes it difficult to eat any food let […]