August 28, 2013

Daily Reading August 28th 2013

Daily Reading August 28th 2013 The saints are the sinners who kept on going. – Robert Louis Stevenson The saints are what our program calls the “winners” We’re told to “stick with the winners”. Saints are just proven winners. They keep on believing in their Higher Power even when things […]
August 27, 2013

Daily Reading August 27th 2013

Things do not change, we do. – Henry David Thoreau There are still as many bars as there were when we were drinking. There are still lots of drugs around. The world hasn’t changed. What’s changed is that we now live a different way of life. We’ve learned that, for […]
August 23, 2013

Daily Reading August 23rd 2013

Where there is no vision, a people perish – Ralph Emerson Working our program teaches us to see things more clearly. We learn to look at who we really are. At first, we’re scared to see ourselves. But it turns out okay. We have others to remind us that we’re […]
August 22, 2013

Daily Reading August 22nd 2013

It’s a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear. – Dick Cavett We only want to hear good things. That we’re nice people. That our loved ones are healthy. That we did a good job. We don’t want to hear that anyone is angry with […]
August 21, 2013

Daily Reading August 21st 2013

Beauty is not caused. It is. – Emily Dickinson Probably, there have been many times when we thought we weren’t beautiful. We thought we were bad people. This is a natural part of addiction. Our problem tells us we’re good. We’re beautiful. Do we believe this? Do we accept this […]
August 20, 2013

Daily Reading August 20th 2013

Heaven and hell is right now…. You make it heaven or you make it hell by your actions. – George Harrison We used chemicals to feel better, but we started feeling worse. We were out of control. Life seemed like hell. Now we have a program that tells us how […]
August 19, 2013

Daily Reading August 19th 2013

The future is made of the same stuff as the present – Simone Weil We found we didn’t need magic to recover – we needed a miracle! Now we are walking miracles. Part of our miracle is that we see how important today is. We can’t change our future unless […]
August 16, 2013

Daily Reading August 16th 2013

The strongest rebellion may be expressed in quiet, undramatic behavior. – Benjamin Spock In recovery, we each rebel against our disease. Each day we fight for the freedom to stay close to our Higher Power, friends and family. It’s mainly quite a battle. It’s fought daily. We fight and win […]
August 15, 2013

Daily Reading August 15th 2013

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. – Shakespeare We are addicts. We suffer from an illness. We go to Twelve Step meetings because we know who we are. We have a sponsor because we know who we are. We ask friends for support because […]
August 14, 2013

Daily Reading 14th August 2013

Once it (a spoken word) flies out, you can’t catch it – Russian Proverb We’ve said many mean words. Our words most often hurt the people we love. We can never really take back those words. But we’re learning now how to speak with care. We know that words have […]
August 6, 2013

Daily Reading August 6th 2013

Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave you – Alcoholics Anonymous We don’t have to fear people. They can’t wreck our spirit. We don’t have to fear money problems. We won’t starve to death. Our Higher Power will lead us on a safe path through life. Our Higher Power […]
August 5, 2013

Daily Reading 5th August 2013

You’re only human, you’re supposed to make mistakes – Billy Joel Listen to the kind voice inside. Listen to the voice that tells you you’re good enough. Listen to the voice that tells you it’s okay to make mistakes – you’ll learn from them. Listen to the voice that tells […]
August 2, 2013

Daily Reading August 2nd 2013

…and became willing to make amends to them all. – Second half of Step Eight We have made our list of persons we’ve harmed. Now we look at how willing we are to make amends. We might find that we aren’t ready and willing to make amends to everyone. Maybe […]
August 1, 2013

Daily Reading August 1st 2013

Made a list of all the persons we had harmed – First half of Step Eight By the time we get to Step Eight, we’re ready to work on our relationships. We start by making a list of all the persons we’ve harmed. We look at where we have been […]
July 31, 2013

Daily Reading 31st July 2013

Less is more – Miles Vander Rohe Our program is simple. It has four equal parts: sobriety, fellowship, service and faith. Sobriety means we don’t use alcohol or other drugs anymore. Fellowship means we let people into our lives. We work at having a life that’s rich with friends. Service […]
July 30, 2013

Daily Reading July 30th 2013

Beauty may be said to be God’s trademark in creation – Henry Ward Beecher Our addiction was like a veil over our heads. We saw people as trouble. We thought our drinks and drugs were beautiful. But even they became ugly over time. Life became ugly because we had put […]
July 29, 2013

Daily Reading 29th July 2013

They have rights who dare defend them. – Roger Baldwin In recovery, we regain our right to have choices, our right to have honest relationships. Do we claim these rights, or do we let them go by? Sometimes standing up for our rights will mean going against the crowd. It […]
July 26, 2013

Daily Reading July 26th 2013

I was never less alone than when by myself – Edward Gibbon To stay in this program, we need to accept that we have an illness. We need to accept that we were out of control. And we need to accept that we need others and they need us. At […]
July 25, 2013

Daily Reading 25th July 2013

If the spirit within us withers (dies), so too will all the world we build around us – Theodore Roszab This is what happened during our illness – our spirits were dying. Our relationships were dying. Our self esteem was dying. Our love of beauty was dying. This is because […]
July 24, 2013

Daily Reading July 24th 2013

Daily reading July 24th 2013 The work of adult life is not easy – Gail Sheehy We used to look for an easier, softer way. We tried to take care of ourselves by staying clear of hard tasks. The result? We haven’t known what the work of adult life is. […]
July 23, 2013

Daily Reading 23rd July 2013

Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence – Laurence Coughlin “Do I talk too much?” Most of us wonder this sometimes. There are some ways to find out. Ask yourself these questions: “How much do I know the people in my life?” “What do they think and feel?” “Do […]
July 22, 2013

Daily Reading July 22nd 2013

  …for,behold, the kingdom of God is within you. – Luke 17:21 We want so much to be good. Even when we used alcohol or other drugs, we wanted to believe we were good people. But we often felt we couldn’t measure up. We thought we had to live by […]
July 19, 2013

Daily Reading July 19th 2013

We grow small trying to be great – E. Stanley Jones We dreamed of being great. Trying to be great is about control. We’ve caused a lot of trouble trying to control things. We’ve been afraid to just let things happen. We’re not very trusting. Many of us have good […]
July 18, 2013

Daily Reading 18th July 2013

It takes twenty years to become an overnight success – Eddie Cantor Successful people make life look easy. but it’s not. Years of hard work, trial and error, and learning probably went into each success. The key is this: We must choose to do what we really like. If we […]