Eating Disorder Clinic for Ware

The Haynes Clinic is here for you at your time of need. If you struggle with addiction our Eating Disorder Clinic is the ideal place to get support for your addictions. Our small, but highly dedicated team at our rehab clinic are on hand to help you on your road to recovery.

We know that getting the help you need in Ware is not easy, especially when we are often surrounded by the subject of our addiction! The Haynes Clinic allows you to take your time away from your vices, to focus on yourself and getting yourself clean and/or sober.

It is important that you take the time to recover from your addictions in an appropriate setting, and at the right pace. Our Eating Disorder Clinic in Ware offers the right level of support to get you to a better place and on the right track for a healthy life.

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Professional Eating Disorder Clinic

When you suffer from drug addiction, alcohol addiction or even food addiction, it is vital that the help you receive comes from a qualified and professional Eating Disorder Clinic. Here at the Haynes Clinic Ware, we offer expert rehab services to get you clean and sober. Our team are highly skilled at offering the latest methods for recovery and rehabilitation, with a friendly and supportive demeanour.

Our clinic has already helped many people win their battle against their addiction. We offer both residential rehab treatment at our specialist clinic, or supportive groups to help you or your loved ones closer to home.

Ware Eating Disorder Clinic

It can be daunting, trying to take on something like an addiction by yourself! We understand the need for support, care and mentoring during a rehabilitation stay, so our professional and caring team are here every step of the way! With their knowledge of dealing with addictions and the people who suffer with them, they can give you the support you need while you recover.

Here in Ware, it is not always easy to know where to turn at a time of need, and things can be all the more confusing when you are in the grip of an addiction. The Haynes Clinic offers a simple solution to your Eating Disorder Clinic needs, with our excellent facilities and services for people just like you.

FAQ Ware Eating Disorder Clinic

1Why choose the Haynes Clinic?
Here at the Haynes Clinic, we understand your issues and the best ways to help you. With our comfortable accommodation, residential facilities and other services to help you, we have a wide range of options available to our patients and guests.
2How long does it take to get clean or sober?
We operate on as fast a timescale as possible, but also safely! We work closely with medical professionals to ensure that your rehab with us is safe but effective. We also offer great aftercare for our clients to ensure that the momentum stays with you after you have gone home.
3What is the Eating Disorder Clinic service like with Haynes clinic?
Each day we work in a variety of ways to help you get to the bottom of your addiction, the reasons why you use substances or alcohol for example, and coping mechanisms. You will work individually and in small groups together with experts and specialists who are trained to help you. We know that relaxation and down time is important too, so we offer trips to the gym or swimming pool, shopping outings and other leisure activities to help you when it is time to relax.

How can I find out more information or speak to someone about Eating Disorder Clinic?
We are easy to get in touch with! Simply call us on 01462 851414 or 0330 333 8184 to speak to an expert about your needs. Or, why not fill in the form on our contact page to send a message through to the team?