New Workshop for Families of Addicts

(Learning How to Cope with Addicted Loved Ones)



The Haynes Clinic is delighted to be offering a one-day workshop each month, tailored specifically to help the families of addicted loved ones.


Co-dependency is a learned behaviour that causes sufferers to ignore their own needs, whilst constantly trying to fix the flaws and needs of others.


In this in-depth training, we help the families and friends who are suffering emotionally over the addict’s alcohol or drug use.


Our workshop uses cognitive behavioural therapy exercises and the renowned steps of Al Anon to help families of addicts learn:


  • The Neuroscience of Addiction – What are the psychological reasons behind addiction? Learn how to think, feel and react correctly to this illness.
  • What is Co-dependency – We will study how co-dependent behaviour is formed neurologically and identify the symptoms, triggers and reactions.
  • Understanding Learned Behaviours & Psychological Pay-Offs – As we recognise the subconscious rewards behind habits, we transform our stress into compassion.
  • Cutting the Chords to The Addict – As Co-dependents, we form unhealthy attachments to our loved ones. Learn how to break free from these chords.
  • Healing Unhealthy Relationships – What is a toxic relationship? Why do we enter them? And how to heal this destructive behavioural pattern.
  • Enhancing Self Esteem – Learn how to bring the focus back to self and work on our self-love, self-confidence, and self-respect.
  • Assertiveness & Boundaries – As Co-dependents, nagging, passive aggression and anger outbursts are our learned communication tools. Discover the benefits of respectful communication and boundaries.
  • A New Path – What is independence and interdependence in a relationship and how practise of this enhances inner peace, happiness and contentment.


Time:                              10am – 4pm

Date:                              Please call 01462851414 for upcoming dates and to book onto a course

Fee Per Attendee:            £100 – Introductory Special Offer

Workshop Facilitator:      Kelly Armitage


Kelly Armatage is a trained Counsellor, Coach and CBT Therapist.  Kelly previously ran her own Therapy Practice in Bahrain in the Middle East for 10 years and facilitated over 10,000 1:1 session’s.  Kelly is passionate about guiding others to heal from addiction, co-dependency and low self-esteem.